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Vimeo PRO: Portfolios and Video Hosting for Small Businesses

Vimeo—the favorite online video hosting site of creative videographers and independent filmmakers—has announced a new service called Vimeo PRO. “Vimeo developed its PRO account, which will exist as a separate service outside of the community, based on demand for a cost-effective video-hosting service equipped with core features that meets the growing needs of small businesses,” says Vimeo. Meaning, it is not an upgrade to the Vimeo Plus account but an entirely separate entity. Features of the PRO account include: portfolios to showcase videos and services (with SEO), no bandwidth caps or time limits, brandable video player, third-party video player support (if you’d like to go in that direction), and unlimited High Definition uploading. Visit Vimeo PRO for all the details on the new service, and to see if it might be a good idea for your creative (or not!) small business.