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JOBY Unveils Micro Always-on Tripods

Today JOBY—creator of the fun and free Frame X Frame stop motion video app and longtime maker of bendy tripods—has announced two new miniature tripods for compact cameras. The new GorillaPod Micro 250 and Micro 800 are the first “always on” micro tripods, meaning the tripod folds up under the camera body, remaining “elegantly concealed” when not in use. JOBY says, “The sleek form is convenient to carry and easily fits in any camera case or pocket. The aluminum and zinc alloy construction is engineered for dependable stability, quick deployment and precise ball positioning. Plus, the colorful rubber grips provide rock-solid footing on any surface. Now you can capture crisp low-light landscapes, join group portraits and record time-lapse party scenes, wherever your adventures take you.” The Micro 250 ($19.95) supports point-and-shoots of up to 8.8 oz. in weight, and the Micro 800 ($29.95) supports bridge cameras weighing up to 1.75 lbs.


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How-To: Photographing Animals

How-To: Photographing Animals at Home and in the Wild
Text and Photos by Lynne Eodice

If you’re like me—a photographer who is also an animal lover—chances are, your furry four-legged friends are among your favorite subjects. But photographing animals, whether it’s your pet dog or a zebra at the zoo, requires patience, good timing and skill. It’s difficult to pose them (in some cases, impossible), and they won’t sit still for long.

The first thing you will want to decide is what you want to portray about the animal you’re photographing. Is it the graceful beauty of a cat, the protective nature of a mother bison with her calf, or the energy of your dog running on the beach? The good news is that you probably won’t have to travel to exotic locales to find good photo opportunities. Animal subjects can be found as close as your own backyard or the local zoo.

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Joby Magnetic Gorillapod and Ballhead X


Joby‘s original, bendable Gorillapod tripod now has magnetic feet, allowing you to attach it to metal surfaces (such as toolboxes, apparently, as seen on their display here at PMA) so that you always get that steady shot or self portrait. This thing’s strong enough to hold up to 11.5  oz. (enough for most any compact camera), and has a lock ring to give you extra confidence that your camera will stay put as it hangs from an upside-down golf club head (another example at Joby’s PMA booth.)


Their recently introduced Ball X—designed for the Gorillapod Focus—supports 11 oz. of weight in equipment, cantilevered, to position your camera at pretty much any angle. It allows smooth movement for 360-degree panning and 90-degree tilt, an has a universal quick-release plate, which stays connected to your camera so that you can switch between cams efficiently.