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closeUP: beans and peppers

Beans and Peppers
© kemal atli


closeUP: to market

To market…
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National Geographic’s Ultimate Field Guide to Travel Photography

© Peter McBride, courtesy National Geographic Books

The new book “National Geographic: Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography” recently came across my desk, and I have to say I am impressed with how much helpful information author Scott S. Stuckey has packed into the pint-sized edition. It’s ripe with tips that wouuld be relevant to both pros and those just getting started in the field. Most of the tips even translate to amateur photographers who just want to get the most out of a travel experience, even if they don’t plan to sell their photos afterward. Some of my favorite tips are below. The book is available at the National Geographic online store.

Show Respect and Honest Appreciation

“‘To be a great photojournalist,’ says Justin Guariglia, ‘you have to love people, to care about the culture you’re shooting. Your sincerity and respect will help you to understand what you’re trying to photograph—and will be obvious to the locals. As you absorb the culture, you become part of it. And that is reflected in your photography.’” (pg. 56) Image © Catherine Karnow, courtesy National Geographic Books.

Shoot Verticals Too

“Landscapes are wide and horizontal, but don’t forget to shoot vertical compositions of them. Professional photographers shooting for magazines know that many, if not most, of the pictures that get published will be verticals, filling one page or less than a page. Horizontal images covering two full pages —the coveted ‘double truck’—are the exception rather than the rule.” (pg. 133) Image © Jim Richardson, courtesy National Geographic Books.


closeUP: kathmandu storefront

Kathmandu storefront
© jrodmanjr


closeUP: happy st. patrick’s day!

View of Dublin from the Sky
© Allison Gibson

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