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Tilt Shift Time Lapse of Carnival

Created by Keith Loutit and Jarbas Agnelli (with music by Jarbas Agnelli), this time lapse compilation of tilt shift images taken at last year’s Carnival party in Rio is truly mesmerizing. The massive scale of the festivities and the grandeur of the Brazilian capital are somehow even more stunning when manipulated by the tilt shift effect to look like children’s bath tub toys. I’ve seen some darn fine tilt shift work over the past few years, and this definitely stands out among the best.



The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.


“A Day in California” Time Lapse Video is Stunning

Being residents of the Golden State, we may be a bit biased, but we think that California is the greatest U.S. state. After watching this epic time lapse film created by Ryan & Sheri Killackey, composed of over 10,000 photographs of California, you might also be convinced of the same. Surf, sun, stars, city lights! California has it all. West Coast pride aside, however, this short film composed of sprawling landscape shots and tilt-shift captures of miniature boaters is simply a pleasure to watch. Enjoy.


(Shokeru, via Honestly WTF)

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