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Leica Announces M9-P: World’s Smallest Full-Frame Digital Camera

Leica has just announced the latest in their rangefinder lineup—the M9-P compact digital camera. In the manner of Leica’s historically high-end finishes, the new M9-P “includes a scratch-resistant, sapphire crystal covering on the LCD screen. Produced using special diamond cutting tools, this screen is fashioned from one of the world’s hardest and most resilient materials. Extremely resistant to wear and almost unbreakable, the sapphire glass LCD cover offers many years of reliable use,” according to the manufacturer. The M9-P also features an 18-megapixel 24 x 36mm (35mm format) CCD sensor and a Microprocessor-controlled, exceptionally low-noise, metal blade shutter with vertical movement. The M9-P will be available in black paint or traditional silver chrome finishes in July 2011. Read the full press release below.

image via Leica Camera AG

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