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Fashion Photography: Tips from a Fashion Week Pro

photo: Jamie Beck / From Me To You

“When I first started there were 6-7 photogs shooting the shows. Vogue, WWD, NYT, the top publications. Before you had to be with a magazine or newspaper but now it has changed,” Condé Nast photographer Robert Mitra tells New York-based photographer Jamie Beck in a great interview on Beck’s site, From Me To You, about the realities of working the Fashion Week “pit” for 25 years.

If you follow fashion week photography, you know that saying “it has changed” is an understatement. These days, everyone from solo street style bloggers to online publications big and small are firing off photos of the runways and the beautiful people in the front rows from New York Fashion Week all the way through the final shows in Paris. And of course they’re doing so on DSLRs and iPhones alike, with Instagram shots uploaded in real time often serving as the public’s first views of the collections.

In the behind the scenes interview, Mitra lists his gear of choice (Canon 1D Mark IV, 70-200mm lens, monopod) in addition to sharing his tips for capturing candid backstage shots of the models and discussing why he shoots JPG rather than RAW. Check out the full interview on From Me To You.


Time Lapse of Pacific Northwest Makes Us Starry-Eyed

Yep, I’m still utterly moved by well executed time lapse photography. This stunning compilation of 260,000 shots captured in various locations across the Pacific Northwest is no exception.

Portland, Oregon-based photographer John Eklund shot the photos between August 2011 and August 2012 on both a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 5D Mark III, using three different lenses. He needed 6.3 TB of hard drive space to store the year’s worth of shots. And, as you can see below, the resulting time lapse is truly amazing.


Purely Pacific Northwest from John Eklund on Vimeo.


Bacteriography: E. coli Bacterial-Growth Photography

If developing and printing photographs is a foreign process to many shutterbugs of the digital age, then one photographer’s “bacteriography” technique will seem downright unimaginable. Like a true Renaissance man, Zachary Copfer—a self-proclaimed microbiologist masquerading as an artist”—has developed a process for printing photographs that blends the fields of art and science in a decidedly da Vinci-esque manner.

Copfer’s bacteriography mimics in some ways traditional darkroom photography— and, as PetaPixel points out, is also similar to the Collodion photographic process of the mid-19th Century—except that, as Copfer puts it, “the enlarger has been replaced by a radiation source and instead of photographic paper this process uses a petri dish coated with a living bacterial emulsion.” You know, just makin’ photos with bacteria. NBD.

Check out Copfer’s bacteriographs over at his website, including the especially impressive series called “My Favorite Scientists.” Of course, among those who’ve inspired him is Leonardo da Vinci himself.

(PetaPixel, via HuffPost Arts)

photo: Leonardo da Vinci Bacteria (Serratia marcescens), Nutrient Agar, Petri Dish by Zachary Copfer


Documentary Photography: Humans of New York

photo: Humans of New York


I can’t get enough of the amazing photo project Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind the site, has a colorful past (he’s been arrested for taking photos inside Gianni Versace’s South Beach mansion and has been a bond trader in Chicago). He now finds himself in New York, where he photographs and tells stories about the strangers who make the city vibrant. Strangers of New York is a stunning collection of those 5,000 portraits and 50 stories.

(A Cup of Jo)


Watch Gabby Douglas Fly: Incredible Time Lapse Still Photo of the Olympic Gold Medalist

Mitchell Haaseth / NBC Olympics, Getty

We couldn’t be more thrilled that the “Fab Five” USA women’s gymnastics team took the gold this week, and also that today spritely 16-year-old Gabby Douglas won the Gymnastics All Around title. As shutterbugs, we’re also pretty amazed by this time lapse still photograph of Gabby soaring through the air during her winning balance bar routine.

What’s the best shot you’ve seen from the Olympic games so far?

(Just Jared Jr)

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