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Join the DP Flickr Group!


We would like to welcome all of our talented Digital Photographer Magazine readers to join the new DP Flickr Group. By uploading your images to the group, you will have the chance to get your photos published in the magazine! A few readers’ photos will be included in the “Inside the Image” column in each issue, wherein DP Editor Lynne Eodice will personally interview you to find out what inspired you to shoot and what gear you used. Check out a recent issue of Digital Photographer to get inspired. We can’t wait to see you all there to join the discussion and share your passion for photography.

Image © Allison Gibson


How To Retouch Photographs

by Joe Farace

Before you think about retouching any digital image file there are a few simple and basic steps you should consider before you snap the shutter that will minimize the amount of retouching your portraits might need. Good make-up artists are worth whatever they cost and make a big difference in the final portrait. With the right make-up artist and subject you may not need any retouching! Another way to minimize retouching is to slightly overexpose the portrait, making it just a little lighter and brighter than what your meter or camera says is “correct.” This will add a little radiant glow and minimize any minor facial imperfections.

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Get Out And See Photos

(Image via The Photographer’s Gallery in London)

We all know that seeing photography by other great artists can inspire us to get out and shoot on our own, so I’ll bring you exhibitions and events where you can soak in the great photography of the past and present everywhere from Los Angeles to London.

Have Fun!

Info on where to see great photography after the jump…

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Paris Photo 2009: Looking Toward Japan

(Image via Paris Photo)

With Buenos Aires Photo, the international photography fair born of Arte al Dia Internacional, having just wrapped up on November 2nd, the photo world will amass once again in France next week for the opening of Paris Photo, arguably the most important photo fair of the year.

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Cliff Mautner on Nikon Podcast

Renown wedding photographer Cliff Mautner, who is featured in the current issue of DIGITAL Photographer (“Wedding Photography with a Twist”, October/November 2008), was interviewed by Nikon‘s Mark Ellwood for the Nikon podcast on October 2nd. In the interview, Mautner discusses being a guru in his field, the advantages of shooting with his Nikon D3, and gives advice to emerging talents on how to crack into the business. Listen to the interview here. And don’t forget to check out the DP review of the Nikon D3 in the October/November issue as well!

post contribution by Seth Gibson

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