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Photographers: Locals vs. Tourists

Have you seen these maps on Flickr, made by Eric Fischer, which show the density of tourist-taken photos in given cities as compared to those shot by locals? Pretty amazing. Blue pictures are by locals, red are by tourists and yellow might be either. The map above is of New York, but he’s done Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and many more. Go see them all.

[via crunchgear]


DP Editor Lynne Eodice’s Online Photo Course- August


Lynne Eodice, editor of Digital Photographer and author of Photos That Inspire Photo Workshop, will be teaching another edition of her online course on photography basics entitled “How to Shoot Inspiring Images.” This four-week course will be available through on August 4, 2010, so reserve your spot now!

Course Description:

This course is designed to teach the beginning photographer about the D-SLR and have fun doing it. We’ll begin by examining lens choices, ISO settings, and what the various camera buttons and dials mean. From there, we’ll move on to f-stops and shutter speeds, and how to utilize them for creative control. You’ll learn how to see the way the camera does, and utilize various rules of composition for best results. Then put it all together by shooting your favorite subjects. There will be tips and techniques throughout this course that will assist those new to D-SLR photography, and will help you create striking images. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Images © Lynne Eodice


National Historic Landmarks 2010 Photo Contest

The National Park Service has kicked off its annual National Historic Landmarks Photo Contest—this year named “Imaging Our National Heritage”—which “encourages people to use their cameras to capture the meaning of the National Historic Landmark in a photo.” The contest is open to both US natives and foreign travelers. For more information and to enter the contest, visit the contest’s Flickr page or the official NHL contest website. The contest is open through September 10, 2010.


5 Tips for the Brand Conscious Photographer– from DigiLabs

image © Roger Schultz (creative commons)

The DigiLabs blog recently featured an essay on branding, which was filled with thoughtful tips for maximizing your “brand” as a photographer. They talked about being consistent, being visible, telling your story, minding your reputation and advertising. My favorite tips are below. Click here to see the whole story by DigiLabs.

Be Consistent:
…Since for most photographers, their website is their branding environment—take care of it. Make sure your website reflects recent work and communicates to the client that you are most likely to appeal to. While design is very important for visual appeal, make sure your copy, user interface and navigation, load times, and links convey your brand and message. Also make sure that your website and anything linked to it (shopping cart, slideshows, blog) maintain an easy and consistent user experience, this way, you will impress instead of overwhelm visitors.

What is Your Story?
With 120,000 new photographers entering the market last year, you need to have a unique story. People love stories. They are interesting, engaging, and easy to remember and associate a brand with. People especially like Cinderella story.   For example, Apple started from 2 determined people in a garage and today is a leader in technology and design. This story makes us feel inspired.  Tell your client a story which is consistent with your message and represents your brand.  Are you an artist? A sucker for love? A family man? A mother of three? A commercial photographer? Are you a photojournalist? A fashion photographer? Who you are will help you set yourself apart from the others and build your brand.


Rock ‘N’ Roll Picture Show

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 2007, photo by Michael Young (Nikon D70)

Nikon recently launched NikonLIVE, a website for photography and music fans that has exclusive music-related content, including tips on shooting concerts. A cool feature of the site is the Rock ‘N’ Roll Picture Show, which lets you browse an enormous archive of concert shots taken by pro photographers at shows across the country. If you’re headed to a live music show this summer—and let’s hope you are—this gallery is great inspiration for those who plan to capture the moment forever with a photograph (if the venue allows, of course).

Band of Horses, 2007, photo by Andy Argyrakis (Nikon D200)

Dave Matthews, 2009, photo by Mike Corrado (Nikon D3)

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