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Photo Essay: The Station Fire from the Front Lines


The Station Fire, shot at the top of Lake Avenue in Altadena, CA
all photos
© Lynne Eodice

Stunning images of the Los Angeles area Station Fire have been circulating for weeks now online and  in newspapers, as area residents and professional photographers alike seek to capture the drama of the blaze that has devistated homes and even taken the lives of brave firefighters here in Southern California. Digital Photographer editor and professional photographer, Lynne Eodice, happens to live very close to the area where a majority of the fire was concentrated last week, and captured the following images with her Canon EOS 5D Mark II full-frame D-SLR using a Canon EF 100-300mm lens on August 29, 2009, just a couple miles from her home.  See more of Lynne’s photos of the fire after the jump…

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Midweek Photo News Roundup- 8/26


It’s Wednesday afternoon and all that most people can think about is how many days, hours, minutes remain until the weekend. But not you, you’re a photographer! You’re never bored, but are always plotting your next photo shoot or researching the new D-SLR you’ve had your eye on. We’re right there with you, friend. To keep the wild world of photography on your mind midweek, here’s our roundup of what’s been happening in it lately.

- The Nikon D-Movie Screening Room presents its latest short film, by Director of Photography Ellen Kuras– of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame. (Still from video above.)

- Tamron presents a timely “Back to School” photo story by photographer Wendy Saunders, who used the Tamron 18-270mm lens to capture one little boy’s big day. Saunders’ photos encourage parents to get creative on this day beyond the ubiquitous lunch pale in the doorway shot.

- Exposure Manager announced their new Pro Lab Direct Printing System for sports and event photographers.


Photo Essay: Tunnels


Marienplatz Paralleltunnel by FloSchMUC

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Photo Essay: Fog + Silhouettes


Warmth by TimmyQ

Beyond the Basics by Thomas Hawk

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