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CES Day Two

Day two at CES brought news of even more exciting products, including new equipment from Olympus, Samsung, Canon, IPEVO and Pentax. Olympus showed us their entire lineup of nine cameras that were just announced here at CES, which will be available for consumers in March. The highlight was the Stylus Tough-8000, which is waterproof up to 33 feet (up to 133 with the separately purchased housing), can withstand being dropped from up to 6.6 feet, will survive being crushed with up to 220 pounds of pressure and is freeze-proof up to 14 degrees. Basically this thing can withstand any Hawaiian diving trip, Aspen snowboarding run, Moab off-road biking excursion, or night out at a bar here in Vegas (which can be just as dangerous as most extreme sports). Another cool feature of the Tough-8000 is the “Tap Control”, which means that if you’re skiing with bulky gloves, you can bypass fumbling awkwardly to try to press the buttons on the camera face and just “tap” the camera on different sides, to mirror the controls from the buttons, getting you to macro mode, playback, etc.

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PENTAX DA* Digital Lenses


Pro-Quality Lenses For Pentax Digital K-Mount

by Joe Farace

The Zeiss T* (pronounced “Tee-Star”) lenses are legendary for their quality, sharpness and clarity. The new series of DA* digital only lenses from Pentax hope to offer the same kind of optical excellence to users of Pentax and Samsung digital SLRs.

To maximize optical performance, the image circle formed by DA-series lenses is designed to match the 23.5×15.7mm CCD imager used in Pentax digital SLRs. Although neither of the two high-end DA* lenses that I tested could truly be considered “small,” this design approach does produce a reduction in size, weight and cost when compared to 35mm format lenses with similar focal length ranges and maximum apertures. DA* series of lenses use Pentax’s SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) system that’s quiet and focuses fast because of the higher torque gearless motor used.


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