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Check out the DP Summer ’09 Issue!


The brand new Summer ’09 issue of Digital Photographer includes profiles on renown nature photographer William Neill (whose photo is on our beautiful cover) and globe-trotting surf-photographer Mark Dimalanta, who is also a “Pentaxian” shooter. The issue also features comprehensive reviews of the awesome full-frame Canon 5D Mark II D-SLR, the Nikon D5000 D-SLR and the Olympus E-620 D-SLR with art filters. On the point-and-shoot side, we tested the Canon SX10 IS “megazoom” and the Nikon P6000 “prosumer” digicam. We also reviewed the Canon VIXIA HF S100 High Definition camcorder and compiled an overview of the latest flash-based camcorders, like the Flip, with tips on how to upload your videos the the Web. Also, look out for our story on “Extreme” cameras that photograph underwater and our software reviews, roundups of brand new products to the market and our ever popular “Inside the Image” column, in which Editor Lynne Eodice takes a look at DP reader Kim Corona‘s breathtaking shot of Yosemite. Happy reading! Feel free to let us know what you want to see more of in DP in the comments section below or on Twitter at


Check out the New Issue of DP!


The brand new issue of Digital Photographer features profiles on top photographers, including New York based Barbara Bordnick’s unique take on floral photography and an international look at fashion photographers from New York to London to Shanghai. You are sure to learn about and be inspired by the creative and business sides of shooting in that genre. The issue also features insightful reviews of new D-SLRs, including the Nikon D90, which shoots HD video and the Olympus E-30, which features creative art filters. There are also reviews of the retro looking Canon G10 “prosumer” camera and the Sony Cyber-shot G3, which is Wi-Fi enabled to share photos on sites like Picasa instantly and wirelessly. Also, don’t miss the “Back to Basics” features on those nagging features that you never quite understood: resolution, image quality and zoom range, and the basics of camcorder speak.

Of course, there are always the columns you love: Digital Insider, Exposure and Inside the Image, which features the work of a DP reader. Learn how your photograph could be featured in the next issue here. We look forward to your feedback on the new issue, and as always, you can catch us on Twitter for up to the minute photo world news.


Tips for Brilliant Firework Photos from Olympus

photo by mrpattersonsir (creative commons)

Olympus is sharing some great tips for photographing fireworks just in time for the 4th of July. My favorite tip is below. Click here to see the whole story by Olympus.

Create a trail of lights with a sparkler

Experiment with your camera’s Night Scene+Portrait mode to capture amazing photos of light trails. This Scene Mode will fire a flash to illuminate your subject – but it will also keep the shutter open long enough to capture a light trail.

*If your camera does not have Fireworks Scene Mode or Night Scene+Portrait, your best alternative is to try Night Mode while using a tripod.


Olympus Announces E-450


Following the announcements earlier this year of their E-30 and E-620 D-SLRs, Olympus announced today the brand new E-450 (available July 2009). The 450 is a portable, entry-level D-SLR, and the next generation in their 400 lineup. Like the 620 and 30, the E-450 comes stocked with Art Filters (though only the three most popular: Pop Art, Pinhole and Soft Focus) and LiveView, which they are really pushing as creative tools that set their equipment apart from that of most of their competitors. To further promote their Art Filters, Olympus gave ten University of the Arts students in Philadelphia the chance to play with the art filters. The video is actually quite cute and maybe even a bit inspiring. Read more about the new Olympus E-450 after the jump…

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Olympus Announces E-620

After Olympus was done demonstrating that their Stylus Tough-8000 can withstand 200 pounds of pressure from a hand-cranked contraption weighing down on it, they got to their big PMA release: the E-620 D-SLR. Like the E-30 earlier this year, the 620 is an addition to their now pretty comprehensive lineup of D-SLRs, not an update to an existing model. The most notable thing about the 620 (and the 30 for that matter), besides the technical specs that I’ll get to, is that they both have an “Art Filter” mode. I was surprised to see a D-SLR with such a feature that at first seems pretty gimmicky on a professional piece of equipment, but I was won over through the demonstration.

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