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Nikon Announces COOLPIX S1100pj

Nikon has announced the new COOLPIX S1100pj–an update to the S1000pj, which was the first compact digital camera to boast a built-in projector. If you recall, we reviewed the first generation camera at the beginning of the year, and quite liked it. Upgrades with the 14.1MP S1100pj include: a 40% increase in projector brightness (14 lumens), a 3-inch touchscreen LCD and the ability to connect the device via USB to project images from a computer. The look of the new generation camera seems to be a lot less sleek and more aimed at maybe seeming like professional equipment—there are knobs and dials where once there was only brushed metal and flat surface. The projector on the front is also much more prominent (helped along by the fact that PROJECTOR is written across it). The COOLPIX S1100pj will be available for $349.95 in September. Read more from Nikon below.

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