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Middle East Explosion–Thanks to Twitter

The Middle East has been exploding in one way or another in 2011 with the latest uprising in Libya. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has told that government to stop the bloodshed and the whereabouts of longtime dictator Muammar Gaddafi is unknown. The U.S. is planning evacuations of U.S. diplomats and it appears members of the Libyan army are defecting. This year’s revolts are historic, beginning in Tunisia, then spreading to Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and Iran. Fueling it all are images and empassioned pleas by protestors on social media. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone on NPR’s Fresh Air said he first saw the implications for Twitter in 2008 when a photographer learned that groups were notifying each other of where to meet using the micro blogging, now global communicastions outlet. Never did he imagine it would help overthrow governments.  Not only could protesters tweet, they could call special phone numbers, thanks to a Google partnership, and have their voice messages turned into text tweets. The world is indeed becoming a very small place. Phooto Credit AP