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closeUP: happy thanksgiving!

More golden leaves
© jnyemb


closeUP: all alone

All Alone
© Hargis Photography; Creative, Inspiring, Original


How-To: Options for Close-Up & Macro Shooting

How-To: Options for Close-Up & Macro Shooting
Text and Photos by Lynne Eodice

There is a small, intimate world that most people overlook, but it can be a rewarding experience for the photographer who chooses to explore it with a good close-up or macro lens (like the above photo of lavender). All you need is patience, a good eye, and a special piece of equipment or two.


There are several ways to shoot close-ups with your DSLR: with the close-up setting on your camera, a macro lens, extension tubes or bellows, or a close-up “lens” that attaches to the front of your lens like a filter. Although the close-up lens/filter is the least expensive option, it is inferior optically to a true macro lens or extension tubes or bellows.

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closeUP: i am hopping out of here.

I am hopping out of here.
© dixiephotogirl(Cynthia)


closeUP: butterfly

© vmurfin

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