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3 New Panasonic Point-and-Shoots That I Like

Panasonic has announced a lot of new products at PMA, but besides the Lumix GH1, which I already gushed over here, these three compact cameras were what really caught my eye. I mentioned a few of them in January when they were first announced, but now I’ve had my hands on them.

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Panasonic Announces Lumix GH1

Panasonic has announced the next generation of the Lumix G line– the Lumix GH1. The brand new Lumix GH1 comes right on the heels of the G1–the world’s first Micro Four-Thirds interchangable lens digital camera– as the G1 was just announced at CES and has only now become available to consumers. The GH1 really only differs from the G1 in that it can shoot HD video at full 1080p, has a stereo mic and employs Panasonic’s popular Continuous Image Stabilization technology. It also utilizes the Intelligent Auto (IA) technology found in the G1 and in Panasonic’s lineup of Lumix point-and-shoots, wherein Panasonic encourages users to “set it and forget it”. Both generations of the Lumix G line are ideal for a photographer who wants much more features and freedom than are typically available in a point-and-shoot, yet may not be ready for, or have the necessity for, a D-SLR. Pricing and availability will be announced soon, though they are hoping to see it released mid-summer.