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Knäppa: IKEA’s Cardboard Camera is… “Easy to Use”

During the Salone del Mobile furniture design fair in Milan, IKEA introduced one new PS product that requires no Flatpack and no sheet of adorably-illustrated instructions. Because it’s a camera—a cardboard camera. Designed by Jesper Kouthoofd the Knäppa camera is about as low-tech a product announcement as we’ve seen in a decade. IKEA gets that; their promotional video (see below) is both instructional and tongue-in-cheek in tone. “It’s very easy to use,” says Kouthoofd, with a sly smile.

What about features? Well, the camera comes with a zoom function that works like this:

As the designer said, it’s easy to use. Be sure to check out the “advanced image stabilization feature” in the promo video.

Of course, the point of the Knäppa is not so that IKEA can compete with Canon, Nikon, and the like. (See above zoom feature for reassurance.) “I think design belongs in real homes,” says Kouthoofd, “and to prove this we made a camera [as] a link between the PS design and you.” You see, the whole point of the camera is to use it to shoot pictures of your (preferably IKEA’d-out) home. You are then encouraged to upload those shots to the PS AT HOME website, where others have also shared images of their IKEA PS furniture. Rumor has it, the Knäppa will be given away to customers who buy new PS products or available for sale only at select stores.

(top image via IKEA Hackers; others via IKEA)