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This photo was posted one year ago on DP. This week many sites are featuring striking then and now pictures of Japan. Below is the link to the New York Times feature.

Photo above courtesy of AP Photo/Kyodo News



closeUP: japanese tea house

Japanese Tea House
© Jerry Slaughter

Editor’s note: If you’re looking for a place to send donations to help with the relief effort in Japan, the Red Cross ( is a great place to start.


The Unimaginable


AP Photo/Kyodo News

While the news changes by the hour with the nuclear complications due to the 8.9 earthquake, aftershocks and massive tsunami in Japan, here’s one of the most graphic quotes from the New York Times:

“Though Japanese officials have refused to speculate on how high the death toll could rise, an expert who dealt with the 2004 Asian tsunami offered a dire outlook.

‘It’s a miracle really, if it turns out to be less than 10,000 dead,’ said Hery Harjono, a senior geologist with the Indonesian Science Institute, who was closely involved with the aftermath of the earlier disaster that killed 230,000 people — of which only 184,000 bodies were found.”


Paris Photo 2009: Looking Toward Japan

(Image via Paris Photo)

With Buenos Aires Photo, the international photography fair born of Arte al Dia Internacional, having just wrapped up on November 2nd, the photo world will amass once again in France next week for the opening of Paris Photo, arguably the most important photo fair of the year.

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