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High Speed Photography: Stunning Liquid Flowers

Wanting to take his fluid suspension/high speed photography to the next level, photographer Jack Long created his new Vessels and Blooms series. Though at first glance the subjects of these shots look like ornate glass sculptures (which would be impressive enough), they are actually single exposure, unedited captures of paint splashes taken at high speed. (What speed, he’s not disclosing.) I’ll allow you a moment now to pull your jaw off the floor.

Each shot is the result of months of preparation, while Long worked on creating the floral forms and leaves. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of trial and error in capturing these incredible, perfectly timed shots. Not to mention a lot of paint spilled. Hats off to Jack Long for conceiving and creating this stunning photo series. Check out the entire series on Flickr.

(Jack Long, via PetaPixel)