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Tips for Shooting Sports and Action from Olympus

Summer is officially upon us (whether or not the weather is cooperating), and summer usually means action: camping, outdoor sports, running around on the seashore. So, its great timing that Olympus is sharing some excellent photography tips for capturing sports and moving subjects. My favorite tip is below. Click here to see the whole story by Olympus.

Be Prepared

To get good results of fast moving subjects, you have to be ready in advance—even when you’re using Sequential Shooting. A very short delay, called shutter-lag, can occur between the moment you press the shutter button and the first picture in the sequence is taken. To take a picture perfectly timed to your subject’s movement, take this into consideration and press the shutter button slightly in advance.

image via Olympus


How-To: Shooting in Existing Light


How-To: Shooting in Existing Light
Text and Photos by Lynne Eodice

Some of the best photo opportunities present themselves in situations that would appear to pose lighting challenges, such as outdoors at dusk or dawn, or indoors with window light or artificial illumination. This how-to story provides tips on meeting these challenges without using flash.

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