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Renowned Photographer Annie Leibovitz Calls the iPhone “The Snapshot Camera of Today”

What, do you imagine, is Annie Leibovitz’s camera of choice these days? No doubt she has a serious arsenal of professional gear, considering she has shot some of the most iconic images in recent American historys, including an iconic photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and a nude and pregnant Demi Moore for the cover of Vanity Fair. Well, in conversation with NBC’s Brian Williams last night, the legendary photographer admitted that she’s a big fan of a camera that you might be surprised to find you already own: the iPhone. She called the iPhone “the snapshot camera of today” and went on to sing the gadget’s praises by referring to its accessibility and multipurpose format. “It’s the wallet with the family pictures in it,” she said.

So, what do you think? We’ve had this conversation before. Is the iPhone your pocket cam of choice or do you still prefer to use a dedicated digital camera? Or maybe, like Annie, the iPhone is just another tool for you to take photos, especially when lugging around a pro DSLR isn’t possible.


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 (MSNBC, via Gizmodo)


Over 150 Million Photos Shared on Instagram


Instagram, a favorite photo sharing app of the creatively inclined iPhone user, has recently reached the 150,000,000 photo mark. Since its launch in the App Store in October 2010, Instagram has had over 7 million international users join in on the photo sharing fun. Whether they’re sharing their lives with family and friends, or vying for a spot on the Popular Page, these users have now collectively shared over 150 million snapshots.

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