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Putting Funny in Photography

The final shot

How the photo was staged


I’m happy to be back in the saddle here at after a tumultuous year. Thought I’d break the format a bit during the holidays by featuring a photographer who has a ton of fun.

Jay P. Morgan is one hot shot.  No, not the famed financier J.P. Morgan, but the photographic storyteller with visual wit. You’ve seen his work over the years—dramatic, dynamic, tongue-in-cheek stories presented in one incredibly detailed shot like this one. Or perhaps you’ve seen his burning cow on the moon or sumo wrestler on skis.

To create them, sets were built, wires run, models attached to welded metal supports—and fingers were crossed. The effort often took a week to produce. He used Nikon, Hasselblad, and a field camera, all of which he still has and loves. But why tackle such difficult challenges?

“I loved building things,” says Morgan. “My dad helped me build the sets so it was a lot of fun. I held my breath until we were done.”

Morgan’s still turning out exciting work but now with the freedom of digital tools and Photoshop expertise of his wife. More about that in my next post. Check out all of Jay’s work at, and have a laugh while you marvel.