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A Photo History of L.A.’s Miracle Mile

Circa 1940 view of the Miracle Mile. Courtesy of the Dick Whittington Photography Collection, USC Libraries. Via KCET.


Even if you’re not a native of our lovely Southern California, you’ll be able to appreciate the archive of early photos that KCET has put together featuring the City of Angels’ iconic Miracle Mile.

“In 1921, the stretch of Wilshire Boulevard now known as the Miracle Mile was a 20-foot-wide dirt road, flanked by oil wells and barley fields. Today, the strip is a busy thoroughfare, home to museums, the La Brea Tar Pits, and a collection of historic Art Deco structures,” says KCET.

It’s amazing to watch the progression of the district in KCET’s featured shots, which range from 1920—before any commercial buildings existed—to the 1960s—when department stores flanked six lanes of traffic. See all of the photos here.



closeUP: Provost Marshal

Provost Marshal
© Brad Lackey


closeUP: tutankhamun

© Kris Doubleyou


First Photo Ever Of A Human Being!

The first known photograph of a human being—taken by Louis Daguerre in 1838—has been brought to light this week by Robert Krulwich, at his NPR blog, thanks to the keen observation of a blogger named Hokumburg. Check out the whole story at NPR. What an incredible find!

(photograph by Louis Daguerre/via