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Moab Panoramic Photography Workshop Featuring Hasselblad

This spring Peter Lorber is offering a Panoramic Photography Workshop in scenic Moab, Utah. For the workshop, Lorber, a renown panoramic photographer, is supplying participants with Hasselblad H4D cameras and lenses, as well as providing them the opportunity to work with the GigaPan System, motorized and manual VR equipment, various stitching programs and Hasselbad’s Phocus software. This could be a great opportunity for those of you who are interested in working with this medium format or panoramic equipment. Find more information here.


Hasselblad Announces H4D-60

hasselblad_H4D launch_1254332409650 copy

Hasslblad has announced the H4D-60, the new medium format camera that the company is calling “the next evolutionary step in the  flagship H System.” The 60MP camera also comes with Hasselblad’s new Phocus 2.0 imaging software. Read more about the H4D-60 from Hasselblad after the jump…

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by Larry Lytle

Published Winter ’09

Studio Testing Medium-Format

Here in the beginning of 2009, some camera manufacturers are in the unenviable position of having to provide platforms for two media—film and digital. When you think about it, this occurrence is unprecedented in the history of photography. There have been changes—from Daguerreotypes to glass plate, from glass plate to roll film (for brevities sake I left out a few in between). Whatever the substrate, the “capture device” was always silver or dye-based and the means for printing either through contact or projection. So, except for the development of new bells and whistles to improve the camera, the technology remained essentially the same.

Hasselblad, along with many other camera manufacturers, are in a similar position. They have to offer two camera bodies, one for film and one for digital. Or, in the case of medium-format, they have a camera body that, by switching the back, accomplishes the change from digital to film. In the olden days with film, one could use the same body and change out the back to shoot either transparency or various print films. And, although the Hasselblad HD3II-39 accommodates either a film or digital back, I tested this camera using only the digital back.

Getting Acquainted

When I opened the case, I was impressed by its size. I had been used to a smaller medium-format camera. The weight of this camera comes in at just under five lbs. with the 80mm lens. A bit heavy for constant hand held shooting, but fine when mounted on a tripod or studio stand.

I turned on my computer and popped in the tutorial on Phocus, the new capture and conversion software that ships with the kit. It appears to be a great program for tethered shooting, and/or for browsing and converting downloaded files. After viewing the tutorial, in happy anticipation, I attempted to load the program and found that I couldn’t. With a brief phone call I found out that you must run system 10.5 for the Mac and have at least 4 gigs of ram. So I used FlexColor, the precursor to Phocus, and although the interface isn’t nearly as slick, it works adequately.

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Midweek Photo News Roundup- 7/15

photo courtesy Hasselblad USA

It’s Wednesday afternoon and all that most people can think about is how many days, hours, minutes remain until the weekend. But not you, you’re a photographer! You’re never bored, but are always plotting your next photo shoot or researching the new D-SLR you’ve had your eye on. We’re right there with you, friend. To keep the wild world of photography on your mind midweek, here’s our roundup of what’s been happening in it lately.

- Nik Software announced its Summer 2009 Webinar schedule–six free hour-long educational webinars that will cover a range of photography topics including weddings, wildlife, portraits, landscapes, and fine art.

- Verbatim announced  its new SureFire™ line of portable combo FW800/USB2 HDDs. The palm-sized hard drives are now available with capacities of 250GB, 320GB and 500GB.

- Hasselblad will invite a limited number of photographers to join Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and their design team at the Kennedy Space Center for an exclusive, all expenses paid weekend of seminars, professional training, and out of this world photography, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the first lunar photographs and the launch of the new H3DII-60.


Robert Adams Wins the Hasselblad Award


The Hasselblad Foundation announced today that celebrated American photographer Robert Adams is the winner of the 2009 Hasselblad Award, arguably the most prestigious international photography prize.  According to the Foundation, “[The] award is granted to ‘a photographer recognized for major achievements’. This may be an individual who has made a pioneering achievement in photography, who has had a decisive impact on one or more younger generations of photographers, or who has implemented one or more internationally significant photographic projects. Today the award comprises the sum of SEK 500,000, a gold medal and a diploma. In conjunction with the award ceremony, an exhibition of the work of the award winner opens at the Hasselblad Center.” Go to the Hasselblad Foundation for more information.