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Camera Bag Review: ThinkTANK Photo Airport International V2.0

ThinkTANK Airport International V2.0 Review
by Thomas Trimbach

The Airport International V2.0 camera bag from ThinkTANK Photo ($329.00 MSRP) does exactly what its name implies. It’s a travel bag for your cameras, lenses and just about anything else of value, and is designed for just about any travel situation—even if you don’t take an airplane.

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Lens Baby 3G


It Stays Bent!

by Jeff Dorgay

If you’ve ever seen one of those really cool selective focus shots that wasn’t done in Photoshop and wondered how to pull it off, chances are really good it was shot with a Lensbaby. I can’t think of another photo accessory that’s taken the market so by storm in the last 10 years! No matter what you like to shoot, the Lensbaby will add another dimension to your photography. Much like the front element of a large format camera, the Lensbaby 3G is a multicoated two-element lens that can bend around on a small bellows. This allows you to vary the area of selective focus at will.

The Lensbaby 3G is available in all popular SLR and DSLR mounts and costs $270. They even offer a larger version for Pentax and Mamiya 645 users for $390, so if you are a medium format shooter, you can also take advantage of the 3G. It is a fully manual lens and has no electronic connections at all.

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EPSON PictureMate Zoom


The Prints Just Keep Popping Out!

by Tony Gomez

Printing snapshot images has just gotten a whole lot easier with the release of Epson’s newest printing wonder— the PictureMate Zoom. It’s a snapshot printer that prints high-quality images directly from your digicam’s memory card, and it takes literally no time at all to do so.

The Epson PictureMate Zoom ($199.99 MSRP) is actually the flagship model of two PictureMate series printers. The Zoom model has all the features of the less expensive Dash model ($99.99 MSRP), plus it adds a CD-ROM burner (more on that later).

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Eye Fi


Oh My!

by Gregory Scoblete

It’s not often you read the words “revolutionary” and “flash memory card” in the same sentence. Sure, memory cards get faster every year and they can store more images, but there really hasn’t been much to talk about. Until now.

The Eye Fi is the first flash memory card to offer something unique: a truly innovative wireless photography solution. Take almost any digital camera with an SD card slot, drop in the Eye Fi card and voila, you have a wireless digital camera!

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