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Justice: Photographer Recovers $9K Stolen Camera & Equipment Thanks to GadgetTrak

It’s every professional photographer’s worst nightmare to have his/her camera and gear stolen. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to pro shutterbug John Heller while on assignment for Getty Images at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, when $9,000 worth of gear was stolen from him— including his Nikon D3 DSLR. After filing a police report and all but resigning himself to the loss, Heller decided a few months ago to do a search for his camera on GadgetTrak’s Camera Serial Search (which is a free service). According to GadgetTrak, “Heller entered the serial number of his stolen camera and found an exact match with several images that were recently posted to Flickr.” Through a pretty fascinating series of events thanks to the embedded serial number in the uploaded images, the stolen property was ultimately recovered.

(via GadgetTrak)