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Will Yahoo’s New CEO, Marissa Mayer, make Flickr awesome again?

Will Yahoo’s New CEO, Marissa Mayer, make Flickr awesome again? One fast-acting domain-purchaser certainly hopes so.

But seriously, we all know Flickr isn’t what it used to be. We at DP still love the site, which is brimming with the work of talented shutterbugs the world over (our Flickr Group pool is where we pull all of our daily closeUP shots from, and clearly there’s no shortage of amazing photography to be found there), but the user experience could be much, much improved. So with this week’s news that long-time Googler Marissa Mayer will be the new head of Yahoo (which owns Flickr), there is renewed hope that the once dominant photo-sharing site will get the attention it deserves. After all, Ms. Mayer not only has major tech chops, she is also expecting a baby this fall whom she will no doubt want to photograph the daylights out of like any other 21st Century parent.

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Did Yahoo Kill Flickr?

“Today, it all seems too late. The iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr, but the feeling isn’t mutual. Flickr isn’t even among the top 50 free photography apps in iTunes. It’s just below an Instagram clone in 64th place. By way of comparison, an app that adds cats with laser eyes to your photos is 23rd.” – Mat Honan, Gizmodo

Read the entire, excellent, essay about the ways in which Honan says “Yahoo killed Flickr and lost the internet” here.



Finally: Attributed Sharing from Flickr to Pinterest

Flickr has just announced a new feature that will hopefully ensure that from now on Flickr photographers receive proper credit in the wild west of photo sharing that is Pinterest. Pinners will now find a “Share this via Pinterest” button on all public and safe Flickr photos, which will in turn pin the shot to the site with proper, uneditable attribution attached.

Here’s a snapshot of the good news from Flickr:

“We made sure that every image shared from Flickr will be clearly attributed with the name of the photographer, the title, as well as a link to the photo page. Because the attribution cannot be edited, photographers can rest assured that pins and repins of their images will be credited and linked back as well, ensuring people can leave comments, fave the photo, or contact you directly on Flickr.

And to top it all off, if someone has embedded your Flickr photo on their website or blog and it is pinned from there, the photo will automagically be attributed on Pinterest and linked back to the Flickr photo page. Pinterest also went back and added the proper attribution to all photos that have been pinned from Flickr so far. With this new feature, having your photos on Flickr gives you much more certainty that you will be attributed when your photos are being shared on Pinterest.”

Also, of course, Flickr photographers have the option to disable sharing. Check out the full announcement on the Flickr blog for the whole deal.



Flickr Announces Photo Session: Sharing Photos in Real Time

Flickr has just announced a new interactive feature called Photo Session, which allows users to share their Flickr photostreams and sets in real time with friends—kind of the way Dad used to pull out the slide projector and show the neighbors summer vacation pictures, only digitally. In Photo Session, groups can browse photos and chat together in real-time, on the computer, iPhone, or iPad. They can even interact with the images in cute ways, like doodling on them (see video below). Check out the Flickr Photo Session page for information on how to start a session of your own.


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Reflecting on September 11, 2001: A Call for Photographs

“Ground Zero” © Ansalve (flickr creative commons)

This Sunday marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Though the horrific attacks were carried out in New York City; at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia; and aboard United Airlines Flight 93, the event rocked the entire nation as well as the rest of the world. We all remember where we were on that day, and remain in awe of those brave people who so selflessly gave their time—and in many cases, their lives—to save victims at the World Trade Center and elsewhere. The images of grief, struggle and rebuilding are forever locked in our minds.

Over the years since the attacks, photographers around the nation and across the globe have taken up their cameras to capture images that respectfully reflect on that day in September 2001, including scenes of the rebuilding at Ground Zero, photos of memorials for fallen first responders, or hopeful photographs of a community and a world pulling together despite our differences.

On this tenth anniversary, we ask that any photographers who would like to share their photographs that reflect on the 9/11 attacks, and the ways in which they changed our lives and our world, please upload them to the Digital Photographer Flickr Group so that they can be shared with the Digital Photographer community. These photos need not have been taken in New York City, or even on American soil. We will post as many of these images as we can on our website in the Reader Photos section in the coming days and weeks. Please only upload respectful images, and as always with our reader photos, only upload images that were taken by you.

Thank You,

The Digital Photographer Team


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