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Midweek Photo News Roundup- 10/7

photo © Li Fan- China, Sony World Photography Awards 3rd place winner- Photojournalism & Documentary- Sport 2009

It’s Wednesday afternoon and all that most people can think about is how many days, hours, minutes remain until the weekend. But not you, you’re a photographer! You’re never bored, but are always plotting your next photo shoot or researching the new D-SLR you’ve had your eye on. We’re right there with you, friend. To keep the wild world of photography on your mind midweek, here’s our roundup of what’s been happening in it lately.

- The Sony World Photography Awards invite you to win tickets to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa with your best football image (that would be soccer to us Americans).

- DXG has announced the DXG-125V,  a compact and rugged weather-proof HD camcorder.

- The deadline to register for the Epson Red Sea photography competition, with $80,000 in prizes, is coming up very soon.

- Mac users got a Stuffit upgrade from SmithMicro.


CES Day One

After a whirlwind opening day at CES, I have reports on brand new products from Sony, DXG, Digital Foci, HP, iomega and an up close look at a revolutionary Panasonic camera. My favorite product of the day was Sony’s just announced Cybershot G3 point-and-shoot camera. The big deal about it is that it’s the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled camera, so you can immediately upload your photos to a photo sharing site, such as Picasa, rather than making the usual empty promise to a friend about “sending them that picture” right after it is taken at a party, and then never following through. It’s a 10 MP camera with a 4x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens and it comes with complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi access to Sony’s Easy Upload Home Page until Jan. 31, 2012. I’m sure you have a million questions about the Wi-Fi access and uploading, as I had for our Sony contact, so I’ll just tell you that they have partnered with a few photo sharing sites, including Picasa, Shutterfly and a few others, but if you prefer a site that they haven’t yet partnered with, like Flickr, you can use the web browser to head straight to that site and upload the same way you can from your computer. The partnered sites just work better because they will fit to the screen. Of course this is all done through touch screen technology with a stylus. They already have plenty of input (from me and others) about who else they should partner with, including Facebook, so they will be upgrading these choices, which will appear to a Cybershot G3 owner periodically.

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