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Make Your Camera Kid-Proof with Sugru

Chances are, if you have young children, you’ve experienced the odd gadget drop at the hands of your well-meaning but not entirely coordinated little one. Chances are also very good that the gadget in question was a digital camera—because cameras are fun and you love to encourage your budding shutterbugs in their behind the lens talents. Well, the geniuses over at Instructables have come up with an easy and fun preemptive measure for this very situation: the awesome bouncy kids camera made with sugru. Go ahead, DIY to your heart’s desire and let the kids keep snapping away!

(via ohdeedoh, via Instructables)


Midweek Photo News Roundup- A Festivus for the Rest of US

photo via dvice

Although this particular Wednesday—two days before Christmas— isn’t actually the middle of the work week for many of you, we’d still like to share some photo world news with you this afternoon. And since today, December 23rd, marks the unofficial day of celebration for a lesser-known December holiday called Festivus, I couldn’t resist leading with the above photo from the Seinfeld episode that spurred the Festivus phenomenon.

- Lifehacker‘s list of the most popular DIY projects of 2009 features a tutorial on how to “Deter Thieves by Uglifying Your Camera.”

- Nik Software‘s photo editing software, Viveza 2, for Photoshop, Lightroom & Aperture is now available.

- Tamron shares tips by Rick Ferro on using a shallow depth-of-field in portrait photography.

- Nikon‘s latest podcast features professional photographer, Chase Jarvis, who talks about self promotion and multimedia photography in the digital age.