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Tamron Backyard Wildlife Photo Contest

Tamron has announced their latest 2010 photo contest: Backyard Wildlife, and they pledge to support wildlife conservation by donating to the National Wildlife Federation for every photo entered. So enter! The winner gets to choose from among several Tamron lenses as a prize. For the complete contest info, and to enter, go to the contest page on their website. Read more about the contest and prizes below.


Lensbaby Pinhole Photo Contest

Lensbaby is celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day by having a contest. You should enter! Photographers can submit up to two photographs. Any pinhole photo, whether taken with a Lensbaby Pinhole/Zone plate Optic or not, is eligible. For the complete contest info, and to enter, go to Read more about the contest and prizes below.


Sigma Scholarship Contest

Sigma - Scholarship contest_1265847561139 copy
A selection of submissions for the Sigma Corporation of American Scholarship Contest

Sigma is offering a generous scholarship to “one talented high school senior to advance his or her education and goals toward obtaining a career in a photo-related field.” So, all you young’uns should enter to win the $5,000 cash award being offered. According to Sigma, ” Students pursuing higher education in industries such as photography, photojournalism, graphic arts and design, visual arts and art history are eligible to apply.” Go to for the complete rules and to enter. The deadline is Monday, February 15, 2010. The public will be invited to vote for the winner starting on the 16th, so make sure to check out the applicants even if you’re not applying yourself—you can help make a dream come true for a budding photographer.


Reader Photos: Dan Lauver


The second of the three winners of the Digital Photographer Magazine Facebook Reader Photos Contest comes straight from America’s Heartland. As a Kansas City dweller, photographer Dan Lauver embraces his location, saying, “I keep returning to my Midwest roots for my favorite photographs.” Below is a selection of Lauver’s best work, which represents his interest in vivid colors and capturing Americana from unique perspectives.

More of Dan Lauver’s photos from around the world can be seen at

In the photographer’s words: The sunset photo I call “Skyfire” was shot on Christmas day 2008 in Hutchinson, KS. The sand excavation equipment in the foreground provided an interesting silhouette to the raging red of the December sky. This was shot  with a Canon Rebel XTi using a  Canon E-FS 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

15373546_Kansas Sunflower

In the photographer’s words: The sunflower picture, titled simply “Kansas Sunflower,” was taken with a GI camera phone (I always carry a backup battery for my Canon …now). This was shot near Peabody, KS in August. The commercial flower fields supply a breathtaking opportunity for even the most seasoned photographer to fill an entire memory card.

15319468_Bichet School

In the photographer’s words: The photo of the school house is the Bichet School near Florence, KS. The contrast presented by the butterfly, the sunflowers, and the barbed wire with the 1896 schoolhouse in the background intrigued me. The school was founded by a colony of French emigrants.

15400203_Two Old Workhorses

In the photographer’s words: The photograph of the two discarded trucks is titled “Two Old Work Horses.” They are in Homewood, KS sitting next to an abandoned gas station.  It immediately made me think of GMC versus Ford—which one would rust to the ground first! Kind of sad, they were probably the apple of some farmer’s eye.

15386656_Kansas Totems

In the photographer’s words: The photo I call “Kansas Totems” is of the Prairie Passage Stone Sculpture Garden in Emporia, KS. They represent the history of Emporia, featuring sculptures representing the Native Americans, Nathaniel Lyons (Lyons county) and William Allen White, famous editor of the Emporia Gazette. I liked the strength of the stone against the blue Kansas sky.

Dan Lauver’s gear list:
Canon Rebel XTi
Canon E-FS 18-55mm lens
Canon Zoom EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 lens
Olympus OM-1 loaded with Kodak 400 Black and White film
Olympus 50mm f/1.8 lens
Vivitar 28mm f2.8 wide angle
Vivitar 70-150mm f/3.8 zoom lens
G1 camera phone


Reader Photos: Barry Chignell


The first of the three winners of the Digital Photographer Magazine Facebook Reader Photos Contest hails from all the way across the pond. Barry Chignell is a 33 year old who resides in High Wycombe, Bucks, UK. In his own words, Barry says, “I have been a keen photographer for about three years and am self taught.  I mainly concentrate on landscape and urban but love all areas of photography.  I also run a photography website which has helped me learn different techniques through research for articles and the photographers I have met on the way.”

Below is a selection of some of Barry’s best work, including some self-portraits and absolutely stunning low-light shots. More of Barry Chignell’s work can be seen at: and


In the photographer’s words: This self portrait was taken when I was experimenting with a remote flash for an article on my website.  I took it in my living room with all of the lights turned off.  I wanted to take some shots that were ‘not the norm’ and had some emotion.  I also wanted to prove that you don’t need a studio and loads of expensive lighting, etc. to take good portrait shots!


In the photographer’s words: This was taken in Marlow when the traffic had calmed down a bit.  Originally I was trying to get the light trails from the occasional car but this turned into the image here when I noticed the church through the entrance of the bridge which I thought gave a different angle than the normal straight on bridge OR church photographs.


In the photographer’s words: I was invited by a friend of mine, who is a DJ, to take some shots at a huge wedding reception.  My main challenge was the light but I also had to stay out of the way.  This shot was taken from the dancefloor and not using a flash.  I used the lights in the background to keep the shutter speed to a minimum but still managed to achieve a semi silhouette of him.


In the photographer’s words: This self portrait was taken in an underpass in the middle of some woods near my home.  It’s quite a secluded area and so I was a bit on edge.  I wanted to experiment with HDR portraits and so took three bracketed shots using the self timer and did the pp’ing in Photomatix and Photoshop.

Barry Chignell’s gear list:
Canon 50D
Canon Speedlight 430EX Mk11
Canon 50mm lens
Sigma 17-70mm lens
Tamron 70-300mm lens
Various filters (colour, ND, Star) (Cokin P)
Manfrotto Tripod

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