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Polipics: Which Story is the Story?


photo by ROBERTO SCHMIDT/AFP/Getty Images

Now here is the story the media should have been covering. Yes, great TV when Hillary got perturbed over misunderstanding an African’s question and thinking she was being dissed in favor of hubby Bill. That in itself is a whole discussion about whether women get the respect they deserve in politics. The real story is what’s happening to the women in the Congo. Nearly 3,500 have been raped since January in the war-torn east of DR Congo.

Here’s the official caption for this photo: A 30-year old woman lays on a bed on August 10, 2009, as she waits to go into surgery that will help her with physical problems developed after she was raped by three men belonging to an armed group almost four years ago. Doctors at the Heal Africa Clinic in Goma treat women who have been sexually abused and in the majority of the cases, due to the violent and vicious nature of the attacks develop serious physical problems. This woman is in for her ninth intervention and has lived in a transit home inside the clinic for four years. Hundreds of thousands of women have become victims of brutal rape usually perpetrated by groups of armed men who have engaged in armed conflict in the region for almost a decade and who use rape as a weapon of war.

Yes, that’s a story, old as time, and still needs to be told.

Also going on this week were the crazy healthcare protests and the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as a Supreme Court Justice. Did you have any political protests going on in your backyard? Are you out looking for controversies to cover? Let us know!