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Polipics: Sweet and Sour



Debbi K. Swanson Patrick

This has been a week for the sour and the sweet. From Joe Wilson heckling the president during a joint session of Congress, pictured here, to the father hugging his little girl who threw the baseball back onto the field after Daddy’s fine catch. There were some other cases of obvious outbursts, too—Serena Williams at the US Open, even Roger Federer letting the f-word out, and everyday folks at town hall meetings and those incensed during protests against national health insurance.

But Joe Wilson’s outburst was exceptional. To blurt out in a joint session of Congress, and call the president a liar for trying to move forward the work of Ted Kennedy and others so that Americans can have a secure form of health coverage? It’s right that he was rebuked.

So up pops this from the Kennebec Journal, this about a previous representative from South Carolina:

“U.S. Rep. Preston Brooks of South Carolina beat U.S. Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts to within a hair of his life on the Senate floor in 1856. It took Sumner years to recover from the infamous attack, which Brooks made with a gold-topped cane.”

So we’ve improved a bit, but it seems as if people are just so frustrated with the sheer volume of issues we have to deal with, they’re busting at the seams. At town council meetings, on blog and web site comments, and anywhere else they can display their displeasure, people are screaming to be heard.

Some people are turning their anger into good, to counter the apocalyptic feels overtaking so many of us. And some of us take pictures of what’s happening around here. Post your photos of public protests, signs of global warming, poverty, environmental damage or improvements, people doing good deeds, whatever the issue, share what you have captured.  Post your pix to the digiphotomag site on flickr.

See you in two weeks. Off for a little east coast vacation. Of course if something big happens…