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The Best of 2009- Camera Reviews

D-SLR Cameras:Canon5dmkii_front

Pentax K-x

Sony A330 (fall 2009 issue)

Canon Rebel T1i (fall 2009 issue)

Nikon D5000 (summer 2009 issue)

Olympus E-620 (summer 2009 issue)

Canon 5D Mark II (summer 2009 issue)

Nikon D90

Olympus E-30

Nikon D700

Sony A900

Compact Cameras:SonyG3_Right-Open_lg

Sigma DP2 (fall 2009 issue)

Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 (fall 2009 issue)

Nikon P6000 (summer 2009 issue)

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS

Canon G10 (spring 2009 issue)

Sony Cyber-shot G3

Canon PowerShot SX110 (winter 2009 issue)

Medium Format Cameras:hasselblad6

Hasselblad H3DII-39



Sony HDR-XR520V (fall 2009 issue)

Canon Vixia HF-S100 (summer 2009 issue)


The Best of 2009- Photography Tips


- Tip from a Pro: Professional photographer, Larry Lytle, gives an in-depth tutorial on using studio lighting.

- Winter shooting tips from Olympus photographer, Jay Kinghorn.

- DP’s tips and insights on photographing children in a developing country.

- Tips for brilliant photos of fireworks from Olympus.

- Tips for capturing the colors of Autumn.

- Tips from a travel photographer- from the New York Times.

We also had a lot of helpful how-to tips in the magazine this year, including tips for: Producing High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, capturing the essence of winter scenes, and ten things to avoid when shooting—in the Digital Photographer winter 2009 issue; understanding the basics of resolution, image quality and zoom—in the Digital Photographer spring 2009 issue; shooting photos underwater—in the Digital Photographer summer 2009 issue; and photographing cemeteries and shooting in low-light—in the Digital Photographer fall 2009 issue.


The Best of 2009- PMA

We were able to see a lot of exciting new things at PMA ’09 earlier this year and hope to be wowed again at PMA 2010 coming up in late February. Here’s what caught our attention in Las Vegas this year:


- After PMA ’09, we tried to make heads or tails of the impact that the economic downturn had made on camera manufacturers.

- Pentaxian photographer, Mark Dimalanta, gave a surf photography demo (we later published a major profile on him in the Digital Photographer summer 2009 issue).

- The Liquid Image digital underwater camera mask was more than a novelty at the PMA Sneak Peek.

- The Sony DMC-HX1 was an exciting new entry-level D-SLR with “Sweep Panorama mode.”

- Samsung made a teaser announcement of their NX Series Hybrid camera.

- Panasonic followed up the Lumix G1 from CES with the Micro Four-Thirds Lumix GH1, which shoots HD video.

- The Olympus E-620 D-SLR impressed us with its Art Filters (we went on to do a full-length review of the camera in the Digital Photographer summer 2009 issue).

- Panasonic showed us a vast lineup of new point-and-shoot cameras, a few of which were quite exciting.


The Best of 2009- CES

With CES 2010 approaching next week, let’s take a look back at what made waves in the digital photo world at CES Las Vegas 2009, earlier this year:


- The Sony Cyber-shot G3 impressed us when it was unveiled as the the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled camera (we later covered it in a full-length review in the Digital Photographer spring 2009 issue), and the Micro Four-Thirds Panasonic Lumix G1 wowed us as well, and it ended up being included in our “Editors’ Picks” guide for the best gear in the Digital Photographer winter 2009 issue. We also got to check out the Sony Webbie HD camcorders, which are ideal for uploading straight to sites like YouTube.

- Other exciting products at CES ’09 included: the Olympus Stylus Tough-8000 (which we went on to do a full-length review of in the Digital Photographer fall 2009 issue), the Samsung HMX-H106 flagship camcorder, the Canon Vixia HF S10 camcorder, and  the Pentax K2000D and K20D D-SLRs.

- And who can forget when yours truly was featured on “Good Morning America” for a split second during CES ’09 in a segment aptly titled “Geek Chic: Gadgets for Girls”?

- One of the most exciting products that we saw at CES ’09 wasn’t a camera or even a lens, but a digital photo frame like no other by IPEVO, which we featured in the Digital Photographer spring 2009 “Exposure” column.