Samsung Announces NX200 Compact Interchangeable Lens Camera

IFA Berlin—Samsung has just announced the NX200 compact interchangeable lens digital camera. Coming on the heels of last year’s NX100 mirrorless compact camera, the NX200 features a 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, an ISO range of 100-12,800, full (1920×1080/30p) High Definition video, and a convenient Samsung i-Function system lens, with which photographers can make adjustments to shutter speed, aperture, exposure, white balance, and ISO via the button and ring right on the lens. The NX200 also features some of the creative filters and Magic Frame feature that we’ve seen in other Samsung compacts, including the SH100 point-and-shoot (reviewed here).

The Samsung NX200 will be available in October. Look for an upcoming hands-on look at the camera from our reporter on the ground in Berlin!

See the full press release below.

images via Samsung, click to enlarge

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Panasonic Develops Twin-Lens 3D Digital Camera

IFA Berlin—Panasonic announced today the development of a twin-lens 3D compact digital camera with 3D High Definition video capability. The camera is called Lumix 3D, and the prototype is on display right now at IFA Berlin. The camera will shoot both 2D and 3D still images and HD and 3D HD videos. Remember when we recently reported that Samsung was looking into two-lens technology for a compact camera to help with depth of field?

According to Panasonic, “The LUMIX 3D camera’s compact size was achieved by employing two recently-developed 4x zoom lenses with thin, folded optics, which allow users to capture crisp and clear photo and video footage even from afar.”The camera is expected to be available in winter 2011/2012. See the full press release below.

Look for an upcoming hands-on look at the LUMIX 3D from our reporter on the ground in Berlin!

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Wounded Photojournalist João Silva: “Historian with a Camera”

Photojournalist João Silva, who lost both of his legs to a land mine while on patrol with American soldiers in Afghanistan last October, recently spoke about his injury, the state of photojournalism, and what he considers to be his role as a “historian with a camera.” Here is the full transcript of his speech, which is as powerful as it is humbly stated. Silva simply says, “It happened. My time came, I guess,” and is already looking toward the future.

Those interested in purchasing one of Silva’s powerful prints in order to support him can do so here. According to the site, “Should João not need the funds raised through your generosity, he will donate to causes of his choice.”

(via Gizmodo, New York Times, Support João)


Flickr Announces Geofences: Privacy for Geotagged Photos

Flickr has just announced a new privacy feature for geotagged photos, called Geofences. Over 300 million photos and videos have been geotagged by Flickr members so far, and the engineers wanted to make managing privacy of these geotagged shots easier for the community. Instances in which you might want to conceal your photo’s location include: shots taken at home or at the private residence of someone else whose exact location you don’t feel comfortable broadcasting to the world at large. According to one Flickr engineer, who helped develop the new feature, “Geofences are special locations that deserve their own geo privacy settings. Simply draw a circle on a map, choose a geo privacy setting for that area, and you’re done. Existing photos in that location are updated with your new setting, and any time you geotag a photo in that area, it gets that setting too.” This saves the photographer the hassle of tweaking default geo settings every time she uploads media taken in a location she has deemed private.

Read all about Geofences, from the inception of the idea to the technical details on the Code: Flickr Developer Blog.

(via Flickr)


Justice: Photographer Recovers $9K Stolen Camera & Equipment Thanks to GadgetTrak

It’s every professional photographer’s worst nightmare to have his/her camera and gear stolen. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to pro shutterbug John Heller while on assignment for Getty Images at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, when $9,000 worth of gear was stolen from him— including his Nikon D3 DSLR. After filing a police report and all but resigning himself to the loss, Heller decided a few months ago to do a search for his camera on GadgetTrak’s Camera Serial Search (which is a free service). According to GadgetTrak, “Heller entered the serial number of his stolen camera and found an exact match with several images that were recently posted to Flickr.” Through a pretty fascinating series of events thanks to the embedded serial number in the uploaded images, the stolen property was ultimately recovered.

(via GadgetTrak)

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