PENTAX DA* Digital Lenses


Pro-Quality Lenses For Pentax Digital K-Mount

by Joe Farace

The Zeiss T* (pronounced “Tee-Star”) lenses are legendary for their quality, sharpness and clarity. The new series of DA* digital only lenses from Pentax hope to offer the same kind of optical excellence to users of Pentax and Samsung digital SLRs.

To maximize optical performance, the image circle formed by DA-series lenses is designed to match the 23.5×15.7mm CCD imager used in Pentax digital SLRs. Although neither of the two high-end DA* lenses that I tested could truly be considered “small,” this design approach does produce a reduction in size, weight and cost when compared to 35mm format lenses with similar focal length ranges and maximum apertures. DA* series of lenses use Pentax’s SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) system that’s quiet and focuses fast because of the higher torque gearless motor used.


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How To Shoot Portraits

by Clive Branson

What’s so difficult about making a portrait? Just aim a camera and click. Simple, right? But how do you accomplish a great portrait? An image that breathes life. As a photographer, all our problems would be solved if we could simply ask, “Please move into a wonderful light and do something beautiful, meaningful and original,” but things just don’t work that way. In order to deal with real-life scenarios, I have listed below some tips that I believe will help making your portraiture a much easier task.

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HP R937


Steps It Up With A 3.6-Inch Touchscreen LCD

by Theano Nikitas

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A First Rate Semi-Pro Camera

by Jeff Dorgay

Published February 2008

It’s just amazing how fast the measuring stick changes. Some say that 50 is the new 30 and with the big 5-0 looming on the horizon, I like the sound of that! To make this more relevant, 12-megapixels (12MP) is the new 8MP and the Canon G9 is the perfect example of this logic, with a 12MP sensor in a very compact form. Retail price for this little jewel is $499, but I have seen a few reputable dealers selling it online for about $420, so a little smart shopping will save enough money for a 4GB memory card!

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Nikon S51c

A Stylish, Feature-Rich Compact Camera

by Ron Eggers

Published March 2008

Compact digital cameras are getting better all the time. Resolutions are climbing; screens are getting larger, while, at the same time, the cameras themselves are getting smaller. And manufacturers are adding functionality such as video capabilities, voice recorder modes and wireless image transfer options. One of the best examples of one of this new generation of compact digital cameras is Nikon’s new CoolPix S51c, an 8.1-megapixel camera with a maximum sensor resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

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