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I will be headed to beautiful Yosemite National Park this weekend, camera in-tow, so I thought it appropriate to share with you this information that just came across my desk inbox about a photography workshop in Yosemite- for anyone else who is interested in following in the footsteps of the great Ansel Adams. Get the scoop on the Yosemite Guided Photography Workshop, presented by Y Explore, after the jump…


Photograph Yosemite from a different perspective. Sharpen your skills and learn interesting techniques from our richly talented Yosemite Photographers while shooting in exciting locations throughout the park. Our unique Yosemite Photography Workshops present opportunities to take control of your camera and achieve your artistic goals in the natural setting of Yosemite National Park. Subjects of our workshops and photo field sessions may include granite monoliths and domes, waterfalls, wildflowers, black bears, and other wildlife. Beginners and professional photographers alike have benefited from working with our experienced mentors.

Interpretive educational sessions are available to everyone with an interest in photography and a love of the outdoors. Clients may have input in choosing subjects they would like to shoot as well as topics they would like to have covered. Our professional Photo Guides have lived and worked in the park for over 20 years and will help you discover locations that you may not find on your own.

We offer 4 types of photo sessions. Each type of session is open to everyone, but there are different price ranges for each. Some sessions will require advanced knowledge and special equipment, but we will customize a tour for anyone interested in Yosemite photography regardless of experience or types of camera you own. We try to limit our group sizes to 10 people. We also offer discounted pricing to larger groups looking for a private outing. Please call (800) 886-8009 to inquire about our special pricing.

Please check our interactive Calendar for a workshop on the date you plan to visit Yosemite. If one is not scheduled, we will be happy to customize a photo field session for you.


National Geographic photographer, Phil Schermeister headlines the faculty for Y explore Yosemite Adventures where each professional possesses a wealth of unmatched photography experience in Yosemite National Park. Phil has completed several single-photographer books for the National Geographic including The Range of Light: California’s Sierra Nevada and
“America’s National Parks
. Walter Flint is a 25 year Yosemite veteran whose unmatched teaching style is complemented by an expertise developed from years behind the camera while hiking and backpacking countless miles throughout Yosemite’s wilderness. Evan Russel and Christine Loberg share skills nurtured from years of living in Yosemite Valley and also serving as staff photographers at the Ansel Adams Gallery. Christine also works for the National Parks Service and other educational outreach groups. Chris Falkenstein is a world class climber with a masterful eye who has spent decades living in Yosemite. Robb Hirsch is a respected photographer who began his career as a biologist and natural historian. Robb’s prints are on display at the Ahwahnee Hotel. Joining them is the highly respected naturalist, James McGrew, who literally grew up in Yosemite National Park. His studio is located in Portland, Oregon, but he returns “home” each summer to lead interpretive programs for the Parks Department and is available for our specialty programs in Hetch Hetchy Valley. Peter Lee is an Associate of the Welsh Photographic Federation who teaches at Columbia College. Joshua Cripps is a resident of the Sierra with an outstanding knowledge and understanding of photography which parlays well with his experience in the education field.


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