Tips for Capturing the Colors of Autumn from Olympus


I recently returned from an 11-day, 1,500 mile driving tour of New England, which took me across six states (which is a big deal to a California native because here you can drive nearly 1,000 miles just going from one end of the state to the other) and I got to see a few burgeoning  signs of what is considered “Fall Foliage Season” in that region of the country (see my photo above).  It is an annual endeavor for many professional and amateur photographers from across the country to capture the colors of fall, so it’s great that Olympus is sharing some helpful tips for doing so at the peak of this beautiful season. My favorite tip is below. Click here to see the whole story by Olympus.

Use Exposure Creatively

On a clear sunny day, you can take pictures of the red and yellow autumn colors against the blue sky. On a cloudy day, try using exposure compensation to give the impression of a painting. Set the exposure compensation more towards the + (positive) side and the details of the cloudy sky will disappear and become white. When the sky turns white, the autumn colored leaves will appear in the picture as if painted on a white canvas.


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