The Best of 2009- Photography Tips


- Tip from a Pro: Professional photographer, Larry Lytle, gives an in-depth tutorial on using studio lighting.

- Winter shooting tips from Olympus photographer, Jay Kinghorn.

- DP’s tips and insights on photographing children in a developing country.

- Tips for brilliant photos of fireworks from Olympus.

- Tips for capturing the colors of Autumn.

- Tips from a travel photographer- from the New York Times.

We also had a lot of helpful how-to tips in the magazine this year, including tips for: Producing High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos, capturing the essence of winter scenes, and ten things to avoid when shooting—in the Digital Photographer winter 2009 issue; understanding the basics of resolution, image quality and zoom—in the Digital Photographer spring 2009 issue; shooting photos underwater—in the Digital Photographer summer 2009 issue; and photographing cemeteries and shooting in low-light—in the Digital Photographer fall 2009 issue.


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