Scent-o-graphy: How to Make Scratch-and-Sniff Photos

I’ve been a fan of Photojojo’s off-beat photo DIYs for a while now, but their recent tutorial for making scented photographs might be the most obscure way of getting shutterbugs to interact with their shots that I’ve ever seen. But hey, if photography is meant to capture a moment in time, then why not also include the other sensory elements of that moment?

The three techniques given by Photojojo for making aromatic shots are: Print A Whiff—in which you pay a service to make your photo scratch-and-sniff (okay, not so “DIY,” but still rad); Just Sniff, No Scratch—in which you marinate your print in a homemade scent (bonus points if the scent corresponds to the subject of the photo, like, say, a flower or a wet dog); Essential Oil Scenting—which isn’t so very different from the second process except that it seems easier. Check out the full tutorial here.

So, what do you think? Will you make scratch-and-sniff photos? Do you even print your shots after you take them?

(Photojojo via Apartment Therapy)


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