Samsung Announces NX Series Hybrid Camera (Kind of)

Hand-crafted mock-ups of Samsung‘s big PMA announcement– the inaugural NX Series “Hybrid” digital camera– sat on display behind thick glass today at their booth, as we were told vague details about this product that won’t be available until the second half of 2009. The NX (and the entire series to follow) are considered “hybrid” because they utilize technology specific to both D-SLRs and point-and-shoot cameras. On the D-SLR side, the NX will employ an APS C sized image sensor, though it will not feature a mirror box, like D-SLRs. This is the first big step in Samsung’s focus being heavily tilted towards what they’re calling the “hybrid digital camera market”.

Also mentioned was their new TL320 compact camera, which Samsung thinks will probably be their best selling camera this year. It looks neat with retro themed dials, and also comes packed with features, like 12MP, a 24mm Wide Angle Schneider lens, 5x optical zoom, a 3-inch OLED screen, 720p HD video at 30fps and optical image stabilization– all for $379.


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