Pro Tips for Great Exposure Online Photo Course- October 2011

Lynne Eodice, author of Photos That Inspire Photo Workshop, will be teaching an online course on exposure entitled “Pro Tips for Great Exposure.” This monthly course will be available through beginning on October 5, 2011, so reserve your spot now!

Course Description:

In this exciting four-week course, you’ll learn how to express your own personal vision by exposing images correctly at the time you shoot them. You’ll learn why it’s important to take control of your exposures, about your camera’s metering modes, how to get successful exposures regardless of the type of camera you own, and how to deal with challenging exposure situations. The instructor is Lynne Eodice, contributor to Digital Photographer. She is also the former features editor for Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic magazine, and author of Photos That Inspire Photo Workshop. In addition to Pro Tips for Great Exposure, she also teaches a course for BetterPhoto called Learning to Shoot Inspiring Images. You’ll have the opportunity to shoot interesting assignments each week, and Lynne will be on hand to give you helpful feedback. Proper exposure is the basis for shooting successful digital images, and you’ll enjoy learning how to do so in this course.

Image © Lynne Eodice


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