Pepcom Digital Experience!

CES (un)officially kicked off last night with the Pepcom Digital Experience! press event at the Mirage. Tromping around the Mirage Grand Ballroom, I dodged girls in roller skates handing out key chains (the event’s theme was “50′s Diner”) and the Gizmodo boys hustling around to refresh their blog every ten seconds, to catch up with our contacts at Nikon, Canon, SanDisk, HP, Kodak and Olympus, along with DP tech editor Tony Gomez, getting a sneak peek at the products that the manufacterers will be unveling in the coming days at CES. I got a chance to get my hands on the hefty and impressive Nikon D3X and the Kodak Easyshare Z980, a compact with a 26 mm wide-angle, 24X optical zoom lens. I also noticed that a big trend in compact point-and-shoots this year is touch screen technology, with Nikon and Sony boasting this feature with their Coolpix S60 and Cybershot DSC-G3, respectively. The Coolpix S60 actually only has two traditional buttons: on and off. This “iPhone technology”, as it feels very much like one, certainly isn’t brand new this year, but it is sure to take off now that technology in all media heads in that direction. I will have much more news today from opening day on the CES floor, so check back soon and check out more product shots after the jump…

Note: We are having issues with our image loading for the blog (a cruel fate for a photography magazine, I know). So, hold tight for photos to come.


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