Pentaxian Mark Dimalanta Gives Surf Photography Demo

PentaxianMark Dimalanta has been giving a presentation on the world of surf photography all week at the Pentax booth at PMA. Mark, a Huntington Beach, CA native, a surfer, and a former doctor, has traveled to the best breaks all over the world to shoot some of the greatest surfers of our time and pay homage to the Hawaiian tradition that now spans the globe.

During his engaging, and often inspiring presentation, Mark intertwines his powerful personal story of following his true passion– digital photography– after recovering from a life changing disease, with his expertise in the field of surf photography using Pentax gear. He takes us to the Phillipines with the Pentax Optio W60, proving that you can get great action shots that look like they were shot with a professional D-SLR in a heavy water housing with a compact waterproof camera. Mark admits that he has pushed the tough little W60 to its limit, taking it further than the manufacturer recommended 13 feet, and fully utilizes the 28–140mm lens to get great, wide shots of surfers and the landscapes that surround them. He takes us to the North Shore of Oahu and to his home break south of the Huntington Pier with the Pentax K20D and a variety of Pentax DA star lenses, capturing moments of free surfers and US Open winners. To see more of what Mark is doing as a Pentaxian check him out here, or to see his full portfolio, look here.


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  2. Well done – a fine example of how to use light and shadow!

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