Olympus Announces E-620

After Olympus was done demonstrating that their Stylus Tough-8000 can withstand 200 pounds of pressure from a hand-cranked contraption weighing down on it, they got to their big PMA release: the E-620 D-SLR. Like the E-30 earlier this year, the 620 is an addition to their now pretty comprehensive lineup of D-SLRs, not an update to an existing model. The most notable thing about the 620 (and the 30 for that matter), besides the technical specs that I’ll get to, is that they both have an “Art Filter” mode. I was surprised to see a D-SLR with such a feature that at first seems pretty gimmicky on a professional piece of equipment, but I was won over through the demonstration.

The Art Filter mode includes Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pale & Light, Light Tone, Pinhole and my favorite– Grainy Film (black-and-white). The bit of information that won me over with this feature is that the filtered image is only shot in JPEG, so an unfiltered image is still stored in RAW, allowing you to catch that moment of creativity with an art filter without losing the original image. Beyond the Ar Filters, the E-620 is Olympus’ smallest D-SLR with dual Image Stabilization, meaning they have added to the digital and now have mechanical IS. The camera also has a 12.3MP Live MOS image sensor and Olympus’ TruePic III+ image processor. The E-620 will be available in May for $699/body only, and up from there with a one or two lens kit.


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