New BlackBerry Camera Allows for Photo Editing by Time Travel

The camera being developed for the new Blackberry 10, which was introduced at last week’s Blackberry World conference, will feature a Lytro-like “living pictures” element. In the same way that Lytro’s light field camera flipped the idea of what a photograph is on its head, the Blackberry camera will also disprove the notion that a photograph is a documentation of a single moment in time. But it will go about this in a different way than Lytro does. With the Blackberry camera, a blunder in the capture (like, say, someone blinking) can be overridden by moving either backward or forward in time to a point at which that element of the shot is just how you want it.

Not following? That’s because time travel is complex. Check out this video of RIM’s Vivek Bhardwaj playing with the technology:


(The Atlantic)


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