Hell in Haiti

Billtacular on Flickr


Because we are being barraged with mages of Haiti I was not going to add to it here. But I have to. On Flickr I found Billtacular’s image of Haiti from last summer, assembled into a collage. And he is using this in a unique way to raise money for relief efforts. See his offer below and challenge below.

“Please check out my Haiti photos: www.flickr.com/photos/billysbirds/sets/72157606614861223/ For every 10 Flickr comments in that set (either on an individual photo or on the set itself) I will donate $1 to relief efforts (up to $20).

“We visited Haiti last summer and the people there are truly suffering. It was an eye-opening and culturally shocking experience. The recent earthquake only puts more pressure on this country and it’s people to survive.

“I know $20 isn’t going to rebuild schools and hospitals, but if enough people donate a small amount, it will add up. I know that’s cliche, but it’s true and I don’t think a clever spin needs to be put on it.

“I encourage everyone to share this and RT if you’re on Twitter: twitter.com/Billtacular

“If you have photos or anything else from Haiti, I would suggest using a similar idea to help raise money and awareness (or come up with your own ideas)!

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting.”

The Red Cross has raised over a million dollars through a text message campaign. What could Flickr and other photo sites contribute?


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  1. Lol you’re kidding right :)

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