Hearst 8X10 Photography Biennial Photo Contest

(right image: detail of Girl in Wind – King’s Palace, Kabul © Thomas Stanworth, 2011 winner)

Hearst has made a call for entries for the 2013 8X10 Photography Biennial photo contest. According to Hearst, the 8×10 Photography Biennial is a competition to identify and promote new and emerging talent among photographers in the United States and abroad. Eight winners of the 2013 contest will:

- Showcase selected works in an exhibition under the title, “8×10″ in the Alexey Brodovitch Gallery and the Hearst Gallery at Hearst Tower in New York City.
- Be published in the accompanying “8×10″ catalog and on www.hearst.com and www.hearst8x10.com.

The contest is free to enter and runs through August 1, 2012. For more information visit www.hearst8x10.com.


3 Responses to “Hearst 8X10 Photography Biennial Photo Contest”

  1. law firm says:

    Please note that technical problems with our site may limit your ability to review results, the poll is still recording votes. we’re looking into the issue. Thanks!

  2. M Stormont says:

    I am trying to find an age requirement for the Hearst photo contest (my sister would like to enter but she thinks she is too old.) I don’t know how to find this out- she is 69. can you help me answer this? Thanks! Mary

  3. @Mary,
    All contest rules can be found on the official site at http://www.hearst8x10.com. I looked through and did not find anything to indicate that there is a cap on age eligibility (that would be a very rare thing with these kinds of contests, and very strange). Good luck to your sister!

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