Hands-on with Samsung NX200, MV800, and WB750 Cameras

Hands-on with Samsung NX200, MV800, and WB750 Cameras
Text and Images by Lynne Eodice

Last week we reported on the newly announced Samsung NX200 mirrorless interchangeable lens compact camera. I was able to get a hands-on look at the camera on the show floor at IFA Berlin, as well as take it for a test spin around the historic German city. I also got to check out the other brand new Samsung cameras: the multiview MV800 with a Flip-Out touch screen LCD display, and the WB750 ultra compact camera with the longest zoom lens that Samsung offers.

Samsung NX200

Samsung NX200 test shots, click to enlarge

Samsung’s brand new NX200 (pictured at top) boasts a 20.3-megapixel sensor, and in the vein of EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens) cameras, blends high quality with a compact size. This makes it an ideal choice for the pro-level photographer who would prefer not to lug around a heavy camera and equipment while traveling, or for a photo enthusiast looking to step up from a point-and-shoot while avoiding the bulk of a DSLR. It offers a choice of several different interchangeable lenses, and offers High Definition movie recording among its array of features. I had a wonderful opportunity to test the NX200 with Samsung’s 18-200mm lens in Berlin, Germany, and was immediately impressed with its light-gathering qualities in the early evening. I photographed iconic locations, such as a long portion of the Berlin wall that’s still standing (which has been painted by international artists in a mural project), Checkpoint Charlie, and the Brandenburg Gate. The NX200 also enables you to experiment with ten different Smart Filter effects, as well as “Magic Frame” technology, which as we’ve seen in other Samsung models allows you to imbue your images with 13 diffent stylized frames, from “magazine covers” to holiday themes.

Samsung MV800

hands-on with Samsung MV800, click to enlarge

Samsung’s compact MV800 gives you the chance to shoot great pictures from all angles. It offers a 3-inch  flip-out LCD touch screen that tilts up and down and allowed me to frame and view each shot no matter what the angle was. By positioning this screen in various ways, I was able to shoot over people’s heads easily in a crowd, and shoot from very low points of view without getting down on the ground. This tiny camera boasts a 16.1MP CCD image sensor for high picture quality, a 5x optical zoom, and a 26mm wide-angle Schneider-KREUZNACH lens. Other fun creative functions include a Magic Frame feature, which includes 12 background templates, a Funny Face feature that allows you to bend and stretch portraits to distort facial features, and a Picture-in-Picture function, which lets you insert one image into another.

Samsung WB750

The tiny WB750 boasts an 18x optical zoom lens with 24x Smart Zoom technology, which makes this longest zoom lens in Samsung’s camera offerings. It also features a 12.5MP CMOS sensor that is designed to reduce image noise and distortion in both still images and video. This was a fun camera to use because of its very long zoom lens, as well as its speed— it can capture still images up to 10 fps in its high-speed continuous mode. Samsung offers its proprietary Dual Capture function in several camera models, including the WB750, which allows you to shoot 10MP images while simultaneously recording video in full 1080p HD quality. Other features include a built-in HDR feature for amazing color and vibrant images, as well as an Action Panorama mode. And finally, the WB750 offers a Creative Movie Maker mode, so that you can combine still photos and video, create special effects, and add music instantly, eliminating the need for video-editing software in post-production.


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