Hands-on with Olympus PEN E-PL2

CES 2011, Las Vegas—I can confirm now that the new Olympus PEN E-PL2 is, in fact, more ergonomically comfortable, the layout more functional. The on/off button is now recessed so that there’s no chance of clicking it rather than the shutter release. After all, that was one of the resolved issues that Olympus touted when they announced this new, fourth generation compact, interchangeable lens PEN camera on Wednesday. There aren’t so many other noticeable changes from the PEN E-PL1, though the 460,000 dot LCD is much brighter than that of its predecessor. The new camera was modeled on its predecessor—and underwent a few little tweaks based on user feedback—in order to emerge as this slightly altered, still feature-packed, powerful image maker in a small package. The Art Filters (still the most well done out of any I’ve seen from the several companies who now include similar modes in their equipment), the Live Guide feature, the Intelligent Auto mode, and the DSLR-sized image sensor were all carried over from the previous model. Think of it as a face lift, really—the subtle kind that makes a person look refreshed rather than scary.

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