DP Twitter Followers’ Dream Photo Shoots


(Image © coronakim)

We asked all our talented Twitter followers what their dream photo shoot would be, if they could photograph anything or anyone, anywhere in the world. The results were inspiring to say the least, and so totally different from one another. Here are a few of our favorites below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter if you aren’t already, to get breaking photo news and become a part of the DP community of photo enthusiasts.  And be sure to click the links to follow these great photographers below and check out their portfolios of work.

Canadian wildlife and nature photographer Wyld_Art_Photos said:
“The ultimate shoot would be the Great White Sharks breaching in South Africa. The journey to get there would be awesome too.”

British Columbia based photographer daniboynton said:
“My dream shoot is to photograph the lovely Dita Von Teese. I adore her style, and I shoot a lot of pinup/burlesque/etc.”

Nature and sports photographer vmurfin said:
“My dream photo shoot is to travel the world. I want to see it all. I want to take pictures of sports events, concerts, and the outside world.”

Los Angeles based photographer coronakim‘s creative and unique idea is to shoot:
“I <3 LA shirts on downtown LA bums.”

Southern California based jessegiglio had a compelling vision beyond 140 characters, imagining:
…A completely empty New York City.  Grey and still with heavy low lying clouds.  My kids in brightly colored raincoats.  And rainboots.  And umbrellas.  Itʻs not raining but there are large silver puddles sleeping on the ground and they are mirroring the glass buildings and giant clouds.  And the glass building mirror each other. The kids walk and splash and play in color.  Bright life in the big empty.   And there should be gumballs. ”

Dallas, TX based mgsphotography said:
“My dream shoot would probably be underwater…deep down on the ocean floor to document all the creepy crawlies!”

And Southern California based kymby had another unique vision:
“A jungle/rain forest w/an exotic female model. Of course animals/snake in the background or with the model. Sultry, mysterious.


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  1. jessegiglio says:

    I actually didnʻt read the rules until after I submitted…Iʻm a cheater I guess.

  2. i’m working as a part time model for several clothing lines and thinks what you wrote is really relavent and useful… its tough being a model and no as glamorous as it seems!

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