Do You Agree with the Protest?

Wall Street is Protested (Photo via The Atlantic)

It’s big, and it’s spreading. Protesters have had it with the US government and its banking and business policies. So the “leaderless resistance” has sprung up across the country much like the recent Arab protests. As the event enters its third week on Wall Street, the sentiment has spread to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Follow the movement’s posts at #occupywallstreet. Check out more photos of the events at The Atlantic.


4 Responses to “Do You Agree with the Protest?”

  1. Teres says:

    No, I do not. I think they need to get off the streets and go find a job. The whole 99%/1% argument is b.s. Shut down Wall Street and see how good your life is tomorrow.

  2. mark young says:

    Teres is perhaps overzealous and out of touch with the reality of no jobs available. Many young people, graduates of college, heavily in debt from student loans, no prospects for jobs other than low paying, non benefit types of work. These people are simply expressing their frustration in a very public way, aimed at the financial mechanism that exacerbated an already moribund economy.

  3. Jesus says:

    To say they are college graduates who don,t have high paying jobs and big debt is BS ! They got to go to college and now they don,t want just any job, it has to be high pay. I know two of them and they won,t take a job. They just want to party and this is just a big party to them! Frustration is not being able to go to college in the first place! Let them work with their hands like the rest of us. My cousin came here and now he is well off because he worked at any job! But these selfish people smashed his car. What for? Just because they didn,t get their dream job handed to them,! They. Don,t represent anything at all just selfish lazy people who hate others because they worked to get what they have. just obama mamas boys

  4. Terry says:

    Yes, I agree this is a chance for the American people to make a difference. However I think that the government will just wait them out or like in some states try and force them out. The thing that people have to remember is that they have power in the form of elections and one is coming up. Vote out all can candidates that are up for election. The balance of power will stay the same. Demarcates will lose the White house but gain congress and Republicans will lose congress but gain the White House. This is how you send a message to our government that we have had enough. CHANGE EVER ONE!!!

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